Are your medications working for you or against you?

It all starts with genetic testing…

Verdosome Genetics Lab - PGx Medicatoin Metabolism Report

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DNA Genetic Testing for Pills

There’s no one else quite like you, right down to your DNA. Verdosome’s DNA genetic test is a pharmacogenomic test – also called a PGx test – which can reveal how your unique genetic makeup may affect medication outcomes. Learn about your medication metabolism, whether you process your medications too quickly or too slowly, and help your doctor develop a medication plan that’s right for you.

Drug Metabolism Testing

Drug Metabolism

In one simple genetic test, learn what your genes say about how you can expect to metabolize medications for cholesterol, blood pressure, pain management, depression, diabetes and more.

Genetic Predispositions Test

Genetic Predispositions

See your risk potential for heart disease, cognitive decline, depression and more. This can help your physician create a medication plan that’s built around your DNA.

Cannabis Metabolism Test

Cannabis Metabolism

Your ability to process CBD and THC may be causing adverse reactions with the medications you take. Learn how your body metabolizes cannabinoids and potential conflicts to avoid.

Physician Guidance PGx Testing

Physician Guidance

All genetic testing reports come with detailed guidance regarding your genes from our experienced medical advisors to help your physician craft a truly customized care plan for you.

Save money by managing your meds

Ineffective medications can hurt your bank account, too. One study found that the average cost of  treatment failure after initial prescription use was $2,481.

Source: Watanabe JH, McInnis T, Hirsch JD. Cost of Prescription Drug-Related Morbidity and Mortality. Ann Pharmacother. doi: 10.1177/1060028018765159.

Why should you consider genetic testing?

“If you take a statin for cholesterol, a medication for blood pressure, drugs for diabetes or other commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals, genetic testing with Verdosome is worth considering. It can help your doctor make sure that the medications you take are delivering the therapeutic benefit they’re supposed to.”

Brent Agin, MD