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Genetic-Based Wellness Solutions

There’s no one else quite like you, right down to your DNA. Verdosome’s DNA testing allows you to see that firsthand by explaining how your unique genetic makeup may influence your overall wellness. Our program features three primary areas of emphasis – diagnostic solutions, behavioral solutions and nutritional solutions – that are coordinated to address a range of critical health and wellness challenges, drive cost savings to patients and care facilities, improve outcomes, enhance quality of life and reduce the burden on caregivers.

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Our Core Genetic Program

Each of these areas of emphasis are coordinated to address specific, relevant needs among today’s population. All testing is performed using a single patient specimen, streamlining the collection process:

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A range of DNA-based diagnostic tests performed via high-throughput mass spectrometry.
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Analysis of genetic markers related to behavioral, psychological and social predispositions which may impact patient health.
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Implementation of vertical farming solutions along with gene-driven analysis of individual nutritional needs.
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What can your genes tell you?

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Verdosome’s pharmacogenetic screening provides a detailed analysis of the patient’s unique, gene-based metabolism of today’s most commonly prescribed medications. Results indicate whether a patient tends to under-metabolize, over-metabolize or normally metabolize the medication, providing important information that physicians may use in the prescribing process.
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Our genetic testing provides insight into markers related to a range of chronic illnesses, including hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. Of particular interest is our Medicare-covered screening for breast cancer risk via the BRCA gene for patients with a family history of breast cancer.
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We analyze the patient’s DNA for markers related to depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and more. We also provide testing of the patient’s cortisol level, a key indicator of stress, mood and motivation.
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Verdosome’s genetic reporting includes details on markers that have been found to correlate with the development of certain disease states associated with cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia disorders.
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Verdosome places state-of-the-art, container-based vertical farms on premises at senior living facilities, community centers and other areas that facilitate centralized distribution. Our farms produce ongoing harvests of organic, nutrient-rich leafy greens and culinary-medicinal mushrooms at cost-efficient pricing. We match this with a personalized analysis of each patient’s genome for his or her nutritional needs, food metabolism and related factors that may be used to develop and refine patient-specific diets.


Verdosome’s family of diagnostic, behavioral and nutritional solutions work synergistically to provide a range of critical wellness support services built around the needs of today’s aging population.

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