Change Your Perspective, Not Your Purpose

Written by Brent Agin M.D.

September 10, 2020

Change Your Perspective, Not Your Purpose@288x

Times are tough, and the future is uncertain. It’s easy to get tunnel vision and lose sight of “another way.” Being a company that provides diagnostic services and precision medicine, we know how challenging it can be to run into barriers and detours when working on our mission- to serve as many as possible, as much as possible.

Despite how it may feel, we know that looking at things differently can often be the only way to forge on. We know that shifting how we look at something doesn’t change what we are looking at. We know we that a new perspective poses no threat to our purpose, our promise or our performance in the long run.

Today, so many are at this crossroad. Many are seeking the “silver lining,” and most are feeling less hopeful about finding it. We can’t forget that we choose our reality. It’s ours to shape and reshape.

Growth during a Pandemic

We can decide to see that we must wear a mask, or we can see that we get to use a tool so that we can resume a new version of “normal.”

We can choose to see that we are limited in connections, both in work and our personal lives, or we can capitalize on learning and cultivating new communication streams that we have put little effort into before.

Shifting how we see where we are, and where we are going, is perhaps the greatest tool in not just surviving but thriving.

We are finding new solutions and services each and every day. Our purpose is to bring them to all who seek them. It may take a few adjustments along the way, but we will get to where we’re going. We will get to YOU!

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