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Our goal at Verdosome is to advance the state of public welfare by providing diagnostic services in a clinical laboratory setting that are laser-focused around patient safety, personalized care, and precision medicine. Verdosome’s diagnostic services using blood and genetics can ultimately reduce the need for medications and interventions.

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Verdosome’s Vision

Verdosome is implementing a science-based program to provide essential health and wellness services to underserved communities. Specifically, these communities include senior citizens, food-insecure populations and others with limited access to contemporary care solutions. Features of this program include:

  • CBD/THC Response – Discover if cannabis products have any interactions with the medications you’re taking
  • Genetic Screening – Evaluation of medication metabolism and analysis of potential behavioral and lifestyle genetic risks
  • Nutritional Support – Local container farming and delivery of leafy greens and mushrooms

In addition we provide patients with thorough and detailed health diagnostics using relevant and useful genetic reporting through our propriety IT infrastructure.

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“This emerging science, often called precision medicine, promises to harness the power of genomic information to improve treatments for addiction by tailoring the treatment to the person’s specific genetic makeup. By knowing a person’s genomic information, health care providers will be better equipped to match patients with the most suitable treatments and medication dosages, and to avoid or minimize adverse reactions.” – The United States National Institute on Drug Abuse

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Advanced COVID-19 Testing

Ultra-accurate COVID-19 diagnostic services are achievable through the use of mass spectrometry. With this higher-precision information, patients will better understand their viral status.

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Consistent standards for diagnostic testing can be combined to create an objective, evidence-based patient profile, leading to more personalized treatments and lower healthcare costs.

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Nutrition Support

Provide patients locally-grown, organic, container-farmed leafy greens and culinary medicinal mushrooms at cost-efficient pricing through partnership with USDA and state-level entities.

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Drug Metabolism Testing

We can perform genetic screening for drug metabolism, identifying patients’ potential response to hundreds of commonly prescribed medications to enhance outcomes while reducing drug costs.

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With the same saliva sample, we can perform genetic screening for how your body processes cannabis and medications. The results can indicate whether cannabis may be a suitable supplement to certain medications.

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Mental Health Testing

Above all we can also analyze the same saliva sample to perform genetic screening for mental health markers related to depression, anxiety disorders, addiction and related conditions.