Medication Metabolism Test

Our simple, at-home test to help you learn what your genes say about how you can expect to metabolize medications for cholesterol, pain, blood pressure, depression, diabetes and more. Knowing how your body processes certain drugs can help your doctor develop a medication plan that’s right for you.

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Sample Verdosome Drug Metabolism PGx Report

Medication Metabolism Genetic Test

Cost savings through Medicare & Medicaid with no out-of-pocket costs to you

How well do you metabolize your medications, CBD and THC? Pharmacogenetic testing — also known as PGx genetic testing — may specify how your body metabolizes many of the most common medications. Our custom genetic test report provides a physician with vital information that is needed when prescribing medication. 


What makes Verdosome’s PGx Genetic Test Unique?

    • One-time, simple cheek swab – results last a lifetime
    • Advanced, high-accuracy equipment
    • Easy-to-understand medication metabolism reporting
    • Guidance for you and your physician
    • Large list of medications analyzed
    • Key Cannabis Indicators – including how your body processes cannabis and medications
    • Covered by Medicare and Medicaid – You may qualify for a $0 out of pocket cost


What’s included in your results

The Verdosome program utilizes our custom PGx Genetic Testing Panel which features three primary areas of emphasis – drug metabolism and medication management, genetic predispositions, and cannabis metabolism and supplementation. As a result, our reports are generated to address a range of critical health challenges, drive cost savings to patients and care facilities and to give you the tools necessary to find the best treatment plan for you. Our program in particular, focuses on the following topics:

Drug Metabolism Icon

→ Drug Metabolism

How well do you process your medications?

Cannabis Medication Metabolism Icon

 → Medication Management

Learn what your genes say about how you can expect to metabolize medications for Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Pain management, Depression, Diabetes and more.

Cannabis Metabolism PGx Test Icon

→ CBD/THC Response

Are you an over, under or normal metabolizer of CBD and THC?

Genetic Predispositions Icon

→ Genetic Predispositions

See your risk potential for heart disease, cognitive decline, depression and more.

Genetic Wellness Icon

→ Detailed DNA Insights

The information we provide can help your physician create a treatment regimen and medication plan that’s built around the unique way your body processes medications.

Cannabis and Medication Substitutes Icon

→ Cannabis/Medication Conflicts

Discover if cannabis products have any interactions with the medications you’re taking.