Ride the Wave or it Rides You

Written by Brent Agin M.D.

September 29, 2020

CDC Covid Virus Img
When you know the wave is coming, you have two choices. You can either be taken under by it OR you can ride it! Easier said than done right? Maybe, but it doesn’t’ mean it can’t be done. It can, and it MUST. Being in the business of science, we are numbers people. We like big numbers in the right settings. Namely in these categories:
  • How many people we have served.
  • How many we have lead into healing and wellness.
  • How many offerings we have for the communities we serve.
Where we don’t like large numbers is in these:
  • How many people that don’t know about our solutions.
  • How many people experience little to know healthcare support.
  • How many people don’t feel hopeful in the wave-riding process.
The news has delivered alarming numbers, and difficult information, in the COVID-19 Crises for some time now.  At first, we saw a movement of people taking great precaution and fighting for their wellness in it. Today, it seems many have either lessened those measures or have come to feel full of helplessness and hopelessness. This mindset is not effective. The wave is here. It recedes and builds, but it’s always here.


This is true. In all circumstances, it’s true! This relentless mentality is our solution in riding the wave. It’s fueled by an intolerance to defeat and pessimistic processes. What does that look like? I’ll tell you.
It looks like:
  • Continued testing.
  • Continued protocol and PPE usage.
  • Careful re-entry to our functional roles in work and in our personal lives.
  • Considerate usage of resources.
We are more than a genetics lab. We are a wellness company founded and run by wellness warriors who are RELENTLESS.
Will you ride the wave?
What does that look like for you?
Find your fuel and resources with us at Verdosome.com
Ride the Wave
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